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Grand opening of the biggest hypermarket in the northern part of Iran, Rasht
The biggest hypermarket in the northern part of Iran was founded by the Ahmadi Brothers under the name of Ahmadi Hyper in Rasht. This Hyper was inaugurated with presence of Dina Group’s CEO, the city parliament, and the mayor. Also some of the managers of important organizations in Rasht were present in the ceremony.
Ahmadi Family with 70 years of experience in the retail industry, invested 14 months of 2700 activity to build and equip this 10,000 sq. meters hyper which can be counted as one of the most important employment opportunities within the area.
This hyper will employ around 1500 people which means the greatest within the province.
With the help of the city and the private sector of the province this project was opened recently. From the equipment used within this Hyper we can point out the Acmecoolant Cabins, Monoshelf shelving systems and also Polytrolly Shopping carts.



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